Hazel Oliver / Tuesday, 2 February 2016 / Categories: News

Happy Retirement Judy!

Happy Retirement Judy!

Did you hear the news?


Judy Oliver has retired as at the 2nd February 2016.


What a big but exciting new step this will be for her. Now she gets to enjoy the good life and no longer does she need to worry about the stresses of the JOP accounts and payments, that’s up to Hazel now under the watchful eye of Dean. Judy  is  looking forward to long walks on the beach and spending oodles of time with her 5 grandkids. I believe there are a few trips planned to Levin to see her family and she may even fit in a bit  of gardening. A big supporter of Zonta Hatea North Haven Hospice means these lucky charities may get some of her free time now.  Lucky them! 


Judy has been an integral part of JOP from its inception way back in the basement of her and Jeff’s home with a sole letterpress printing machine. While she worked full time elsewhere, Jeff worked  hard to get JOP up and going. Judy moonlighted  as the JOP accounts person from home, tirelessly balancing the books till  the wee hours of the night. When printing was flying out the door and JOP was becoming a household name she left  her other job and became the full time all  important face of  the JOP  accounts, making sure everyone was paid on time and correctly. Up until the day of retirement this was still her role and she did a great job of it.


As such a huge part of the beginning of  JOP,  we are definitely going to miss Judy around here but we are also so very excited about the future and what new things Dean and Hazel have planned for us.  How lucky are  we to have such  a great foundation, built on solid family values and since Dean took over 5 years ago  we’ve been on the up and up.


All the best Judy, enjoy your freedom!