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JOP - Family owned, run and successfully going strong

JOP - Family owned, run and successfully going strong

The Oliver family are well known for being successful, self employed business people.

JOP (Jeff Oliver Print) was started many many years ago by Viv Oliver (Jeff Oliver's father), wanting to help get Jeff into his own company and business. Having run a successful few businesses of his own over the years (including Newberry's funeral home in Whangarei), Viv saw the potential in printing and so did Jeff.

Here we are going on 30 years later, and JOP is as strong as ever, no infact STRONGER, and going into 3rd Generation Oliver's at the helm, with Jeff's son Dean Oliver and his wife Hazel Oliver.

Want strong family values, quality printing built on years of experience and an amazing upbeat team to help you along the way? Then look no further, JOP is the place to go to for ALL your printing needs, done in-house and you will be absolutely AMAZED at everything we can do.

Talk to us today info@jop.co.nz 0800 141 402 www.jop.co.nz