Hazel Oliver / Friday, 31 May 2019 / Categories: News

What are the advantages of using a professional printing service?

The three ‘P’s – paper, print quality and a professional finish

Web-based design software and templates have made customised design more and more accessible for modern day businesses; but have you ever wondered why your design looks completely different when you print it out? What about when you order your perfect design from an online printing company only to find it looks far from what you expected? At JOP we believe in finding the best solution at the most affordable cost, we'll even produce a hard copy proof for you so you can see exactly what you are going to get.


Professional printing services use quality paper

One of the main advantages to using professional printing services is the specialised resources they have at their disposal. Paper may seem like a basic part of printing, but it plays a huge part in the overall quality of the document. It’s like anything, if you don’t have the right base- it’s hard to create a polished outcome. Here at JOP we have access to an enormous range of printing materials at wholesale prices, meaning our savings can be passed onto the customer.


Even if you did use high quality paper on your printer at home or in the office, it can be tricky to set up the margins in your printer correctly. Very few people have been able to achieve borderless printing with an inkjet printer, that white border around your flyer could make all the difference with how people view your business.


Ensure consistency with everything you print by using a professional printer

Have you ever thought it would be cheaper to replace your printer than to buy new cartridges? You’re not alone. Did you know that inkjet printers are often sold at cost or at a loss? Manufacturers make their money through the ongoing sale of ink cartridges.


You can either resort to forking out thousands of dollars in ink or replace your printer. It seems easy enough, except every printer can print your document in a slightly different variation of its original colour.


Brand consistency is vital to have people recognise your business, and this relates directly back to colour consistency in your printed documents. Can you imagine if McDonalds started handing out their burger boxes in shades of grainy red, watery fuchsia or faded orange? People would think their food was as inferior as their packaging.


JOP have the latest technology in digital printing presses with our Fuji Xerox 1000i which gives us the ability to print in digital gold, silver and clear overgloss. Our offset presses are some of the best in city, including a 5 colour Komori Lithrone printing press and a 2 colour GTO Heidelberg, providing a huge range of options when it comes to print options, sizes and prices. Completing the printing press team is our Epson SureColour T5000, Wide Format Poster Printer, meaning we can now print posters up to A0 size!


 If you care about the quality of your brand, you care about the quality of your service or product.


Want a professional finish to your printing?

Of course, there is so much more than simply putting ink to paper when you’re after a highly polished, professional finish. JOP offer laminating, binding and anything else you need to create the perfect document.


No matter how hard you try, it’s virtually impossible to get the same standard of printing at home as you would using a professional printing service. Printing at home or in the office can be time-consuming, finicky and just hard-work in general. JOP has staff with years of experience to ensure your document looks exactly as you intended it to. Whether it be business cards, brochures, flyers or even magazines – we can do it all. Free up some time in your day and fork out for a professional finish with JOP.