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    4 panel + brochures

    4 panel + brochures

    Brochures are the best selling tool for your business. People love to read them because they're colourful and attractive. Design is everything when it comes to your brochure, let our expert designers take care of it to make sure your brochure works for your business. Make sure your content is well written. Short, sharp and to the point! We go to great lengths to ensure that your brochures don't crack down the spine, always creasing them first to guarantee a high quality finish.


    Four panel, five panel, six panel your options are endless. We can customise your specific requirements to any shape, size or number of panels. Creased and folded to a 4 panel + DL (99 x 210mm) 150gsm silk art paper. Printed in full colour both sides.

    PRODUCT REF: 4pb-99-210

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